Face-to-Face Education Restarted at the International Maarif Schools of Georgia


Following the decision to restart education, suspended in October 2020 due to the new type of Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic, International Maarif Schools of Georgia, one of the Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF) educational institutions, began face-to-face education.

After a period of an online education provided successfully during the epidemic, the restart of face-to-face education at the International Maarif Schools was welcomed with a great joy.

Students experienced the excitement of being reunited with their long-standing friends and getting back to school. The excitement of first-year students who did not spend much time in the classrooms was different because their first year encountered COVID-19.

For students who cannot come to school for certain reasons, the face-to-face education provided by taking all the measures proposed by the Ministry of Education will continue online.



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