KOMEK Trainees Exhibit in Sarajevo


An exhibition of works realized by the trainees of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Training Courses (Konya Büyükşehir Belediyesi Meslek Edindirme Kursları - KOMEK) was opened in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

With the support of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, Turkish Maarif Foundation and the Turkish Co-operation and Coordination Agency, the trainees who participated in the art workshops held in Maarif schools of Sarajevo successfully completed the garment, filography, furnishing, knitting, wet felting, silk painting, wood painting, ribbon embroidery, aluminum relief and paper relief trainings. 

Konya Metropolitan Mayor Uğur Ibrahim Altay and Novi Grad Mayor Semir Efendic, Turkish Maarif Foundation Board of Directors Member Mahmut Özdil, Turkish President Chief Advisor Mustafa Akış, Honorary Consul of Konya-Bosnia and Herzegovina Ercan Uslu and representatives of Turkish institutions attended the opening ceremony, organized under the measures taken against the new type of coronavirus (COVID-19).

In a statement, Altay wished that the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects would end very soon, reminding that KOMEK is one of the most important brands in Konya.

Specifying that hundreds of thousands of people in Konya have got a job thanks to KOMEK, Altay said, "Since 2007, we have been training within ten centers in the Balkans, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in Northern Macedonia and Kosovo. As Konya Metropolitan Municipality, we will continue to work in our heartland, in the Balkans."

Then Altay added that they were very happy to do the programs in Maarif Schools, vocational training courses were opened in ten branches, and they had the opportunity to see the success of the course thanks to the exhibition.

Efendic emphasized that Maarif Schools have been providing a successful educational service at the Novi Grad Municipality for three years and the works prepared by the trainees had the potential to decorate every house.

Özdil stated that they were very pleased with the results of the cooperation with Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the project had been going on for several years.

Özdil expressed his gratitude towards all institutions contributing to the program and concluded, "Thus, our schools have the opportunity to contribute not only to its own students, but also to all Sarajevan people in terms of careers. We care very much about that.”

Sarajevo Maarif Schools Social Activity Coordinator Edis Botic explained that the exhibited works were realized during the third KOMEK courses, which lasted four months. The fourth period has just begun.

Botic added that the exhibition was open until April 6th.



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