Turkish Maarif Foundation’s 12th Country Directors Meeting Ended with the Closing Remarks of Chairman Akgün


The 12th Country Directors Consultation meeting of the Turkish Maarif Foundation (TMF) was held on July 4-7, 2022 at TMF Headquarters in İstanbul. The program ended following various activities such as seminars, presentations and round table talks. TMF Chairman Professor Birol Akgün stressed in his closing remarks that the meeting was quite efficient “We have many things to share. Turkish Maarif Foundation is not an ordinary institution. It is an institution established on a law by the Republic of Turkey. Our duty is to do our job properly.” Akgün reminded the importance of institutionalization, underlining their aim as "to walk into the future as an institution operating in perfection”, he said.

Professor Akgün went on to say: “Each one of the country directors of our Foundation is representing Türkiye quite beautifully in their places of duty. At the point we have reached after six years, the success of our schools is obvious. Everyone has a share in this. I thank all of you.” Stressing that flaws of the establishment process have been eliminated in six years, TMF Chairman said: “Now, we have to be strong academically as well. We are increasing our educational resources, improving our materials and preparing our magazine and encyclopedia. We have enhanced our Teaching Turkish as a Foreign Language Program. We will gradually form our original programs.” Akgün noted that TMF continues its operations with the support of the state and the prayers of the nation. He wrapped up as saying that each individual at the institution should act upon the awareness of this responsibility.


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